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Burglair alarms
Our alarm systems are applicable to secure flats offices or any other premises. These facilities are easy to use, expandable to your needs and compatible with the remote surveillance service.

Industry standards and warranty
All of our systems are EN50131 and MABISZ compliant and carry a 24 month parts and labour warranty.

Worried about wires disturbing your home?
Our wire-free systems utilise the latest radio technology between detection devices and the central control unit, this enables swift installation with minimal disruption to decor.

Concerned about pets?
Our detectors are available with pet-immunity to allow cats and small dogs (up to 25kg) to roam where you want them to in the house undetected. The system can also be set to only cover certain parts of your house allowing greater freedom at night or to accomodate others in your property.

Worried about having to remember codes?
The wire-free remote telecommand unit enables arming and disarming of the alarm system on the pressing of a button. There is also a panic facility to activate the alarm when required.
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